Earth radiation – geopathic stress

Geopathic stress (GS)is a term used to describe the effect that earth radiation has on the human body, and also on all living things including plant life and the elemental kingdom. GS consists of various Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, Seismic Fault Lines, Imprints and fields created by stagnant and flowing water underground, radioactive matter etc.

These can often have the greatest impact on us, as in some instances, we are unknowingly sleeping over one of these faults. Our energy field is impacted in this space at a time when the body is trying to heal and repair. This causes an issue due to the consistent periods of time we are lying in this space. I liken it to trying to sleep over a busy motorway bridge.

Some examples:- 

Earth Magnetic Grid Lines


  • Hartman Grid – 30cm wide and occur every 3.5 metres.
  • Curry Net – 30cm wide and occur every 3.5 metres.


  • Benker Grid – 110cm wide, occurring every 7 metres.
  • 400 metre Grid – 2.5 metres wide and occurring every 400 metres.
  • Earth Magnetic Grid Lines are all standing waves (walls) of EMF which can only be harmonised not dissolved. The area where grid lines cross is known as a cube. Grids run north south, east west, to magnetic north.
  • The wider the grid line, the bigger the cube and the more dangerous to life forms. For example, a person sleeping with a Benker or 400-meter grid crossing over them is at a much higher risk of cell damage and organ stress than having only a single grid line over them.
  • Earth Magnetic Grid lines cannot be moved or dissipated the key is harmonisation.

Seismic Fault Lines

  • Seismic Fault lines run in any direction.
  • They vary in width and can be up to 6 metres wide.
  • They are caused by kinetic energy created by stess between either tectonic plates or unstable soils.
  • During build-up of stress, electronic charge carriers are activated deep below, called positive holes. Positive holes have unusual properties: they can travel fast and far into and through the surrounding rocks. As they flow, they generate ultralow frequency electromagnetic waves. When they arrive at the Earth surface, they can ionize the air. When they flow into water, they oxidize it to hydrogen peroxides. All these physical and chemical processes can have noticeable effects on animals and humans.

Water Veins & Black Water

  • Water Veins are earth radiation EMR fields. They can vary in width but are usually between 35cm to 4 meters wide.
  • These can project from ground level to a height of around 1.2 meters.
  • Water Veins can run in any direction and are 2 degrees warmer than the ground either side of the vein. Cats like to sleep over veins because they sense the increase in temperature, not because they are drawn to the noxious energy.
  • As water interacts with radioactive minerals it can release cancer-causing Radon Gas. Radon Gas is a big problem in the USA where there is a lot of radioactive material underground.
  • Black Water describes groundwater lying just under the surface, which has the presence of radioactive matter. This can cause some people to suffer quite severe geopathic stress imprinting in the body, more so than the single charge from the radioactive matter within the ground itself.


  • Coal deposits which are close to the surface create earth radiation EMR which emanates up to around 15 meters above the ground.
  • Statistics has shown that people who are heavily exposed to the resonance from coal often display this geopathic stress with conditions of the liver.

Uranium and Granite

  • Both of these are radioactive minerals which also occur naturally in the ground, virually everywhere in the world.
  • It is decomposing matter and creates Gamma radiation.
  • This can extend to around 40 metres above the ground.
  • It has a strong positive charge, which causes geopathic stress.

Airborne Heavy Metal Contaminants

  • Another energetic influence over a property may also be from airborne pollutants such as heavy metals.
  • Heavy metals carry a positive charged Ion which are associated with causing organ stress similar to that of EMR from earth radiation.
  • Motor vehicle emissions are a major source of contaminants including arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, lead, vanadium and zinc amounts others.
  • Nuclear power plants release contaminates of Cesium 134 & 137, Strontium 90.
  • Countries which have nuclear power have a strong presence of these heavy metals in the air.
  • France has the greatest number of nuclear power plants in Europe and America.
  • Mercury dust from coal fired power plants and CHEMTRAILS which also contain Aluminum, Cesium and Strontium are a big concern.
  • Heavy metals are a health risk and linked in particular with causing a yeast overgrowth in the intestines, which can lead to candida, especially in the lymph, acting as a precursor to disease forming in the body, from skin to lung conditions to heart problems and central nervous system dysfunction.


  • Outgassing is the release of toxic odors from materials such as new carpets, plastics, paints, chemicals such as petrol, chemicals, fertilizers etc.
  • Besides having a toxic odor, outgassing also creates a positive charge field. For example, a petrol station may create an imprinted field from the petrol in the tanks underground for up to 60 meters away from it.
  • Outgassing odours also contain xenoestrogen or a hormone cell disruptor that imitates oestrogen.
  • This has become a big issue of our time and is associated with hormone related conditions in both men and women and the quick onset of puberty in children.