Human generated radiation – learn more

There are at least five different forms of bioplasmic fields and I will touch on the main ones below:-

Emotional Imprints

Emotional imprints are positive charge EMR fields caused by someone’s emotional distress and will often couple with an illness imprint. As explained above. These energetic fields are left within a space and can effect recovery or others entering into the space. This can be explained by how places can contain certain energies and emotional patterns.

Illness Imprints

Illness imprints are a result of a resonance from a person which has a severe illness. The diseased body creates a positive charged EMF strong enough that it leaves an imprint within the space. Often a liver, heart or pancreas illness imprints are found with in a property. The illness imprint will cause associated organ stress in everyone that enters that space.

Death Imprints, Spirit Lines and Black Lines

A Death Imprint is an imprinted electromagnetic field where either a person or animal has passed away. These are also known as dense etheric matter of Astral Fragments. From the imprint, a Spirit Line occurs, radiating out either side of the imprint and this ‘Fragmented Astral’ energy can be large, spreading to the boundaries of a property or even further.

The Astral Fragments can be referred to as an ‘Entity’, due to is counter-conscious behavior. These Fragments can be highly unhelpful as they are able to lodge or imprint into the etheric fields of a living being.

  • Spirit Lines are 20cm wide and are evidence of Astral Fragmentation in a building.
  • Death imprints are the energy field left after the death of an animal or human and are the size of the actual being that died in that particular place.
  • Fragmented Astral fields can speed throughout the boundaries of the entire building.
  • Interestingly, there were no death imprints in Australia over 200 years old. This is because the Australian Aboriginals, who were masters of the energies of the land, knew how to dissolve the imprints. However, when the Europeans arrived and started to massacre the Aboriginals, the death imprints were not able to be dissolved.