What are these different types of man made EMR?

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

There are two categories of man made EMR exposure, Extremely Low Frequency ELF and High Frequency Exposure known as Radio Frequency RF. These terms refer to the wavelength frequency range they produce.

ELF- Extremely Low Frequency are emitted from electricity and all appliances. Factors to consider

  • Overhead power lines create EMR fields, which vary according to the amount of current running through them. An example of this being that there will be larger EMR fields in the middle of summer at 7PM when the load of cooking, washing and electronic entertainment is at its highest.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation is caused by our electrical systems and is measured in Milligaus with a Gauss Meter up to 100Mg.
  • Readings over 4Mg are deemed dangerous to animals and humans.
  • Some appliances create EMF fields of up to 3 metres radius. Examples being fridges, CRT TV or PC/Laptop screen, Plasma and LED TV’s, bedside lamps, computers, meter box, old power points that are worn or damaged.
  • If the earth wire at the meter box is grounded to the buildings water pipe, which was common practice many years ago, then the pipe will emit an EMR field. This can compromise the affectability and safety of Grounding Equipment.
  • Appliance, lights, TVs etc create a leaked or imprinted of EMF. This means that even when electrical items are switched off there is still has an unhealthy EMR field present.

Radio Frequency RF or High Frequency Exposure

High Frequency RF are generated from all wireless devices, such as TVs, smart meters, bluetooth, baby monitors, cordless phones and WiFi etc

  • This includes wireless routers, PC modems, Wearable technologies such as trackers, mobile phones, 2 way radios, microwave ovens they all give off High Frequency EMF.
  • Digital TV’s give off a huge radius of 5 metres + in front of the screen which means that your property or living spaces may be affected not only by your own Digital TV, but your neighbours’ if it is facing into your property. The frequency of the Digital TV has been shown to particularly unhealthy and is associated with the physical symptoms of lethargy, nausea, headaches and skin rashes.
  • Smart Meters create a RF field of approximately 1.5 metres around it. They are constantly sending out information to the signal tower so create a lot of energetic disturbance.
  • Digital clock radios creating a RF field of up to 0.5 metres in front of the screen.
  • Larger outside influences are mobile phone towers, TV or radio broadcasting stations and towers. It has been shown that Bees can’t find their way back to their hive if a phone is placed within it. They rely on the communication of the earth’s electromagnetic field.Some of the larger communication towers which have the large Microwave drums attached can have a dangerous field of up to 400 metres away from the tower.