Planetary and cosmic radiation – learn more

Planetary imbalances cause a positive charge in the air. For example during a full moon, the biophoton energy from the sun reflecting off the moon, along with another planets energetic influence, or even the suns influence from solar winds or sun spots, which then cause beta-gamma-delta radiation , or cosmic radiation.

Finally, sun spots create solar flares which cause coronal mass ejections (CME).These hiccups are powerful eruptions near the surface of the sun, driven by kinks in the solar magnetic field. This can also cause geomagnetic storms. They all create a strong positively charged EMF field which is all pervasive and can be intuitively measured at ground level. For some people especially EHS suffers, they will be affected. Similarly, some are also affected by the down draft induced positive charge which occurs below rain storms clouds such as cumulonimbus, which can leave large temporary electromagnetic imprints over the land.