Types of EMR and EMF

For the purpose of simplicity they can be divided into two distinct groups :-

  • Man-made radiation and
  • Non-man-made.

What are the different types of man-made EMR?

There are essentially two catagories of manmade EMR exposure:-

  • Extremely low frequency (ELF) – emitted from electricity itself and all appliances.
  • High Frequency or Radio Frequency (RF) – generated from all wireless devices such as wifi, Bluetooth, smart meters and baby monitors.

These terms describe the wavelength frequency range they produce and do not relate to the level of reaction in the body.

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Non-man-made radiation

It can often come as a total surprise to people that not all forms of unhealthy positively charged fields are exclusive to manmade technology! There are three main groups:-

  • Earth Radiation
  • Planetary & Cosmic Radiation
  • Human generated Radiation (Bioplasmic)

Earth Radiationcan also be found occurring naturally in rocks, such a uranium and granite, areas over coal mines, dirty water veins, etc.

Geopathic stress (GS)is a term used to describe the effect that earth radiation has on the human body, and also on all living things including plant life and the elemental kingdom. GS consists of various Earth Magnetic Grid Lines, Seismic Fault Lines, Imprints and fields created by stagnant and flowing water underground, radioactive matter etc.

These can often have the greatest impact on us, as in some instances, we are unknowingly sleeping over one of these faults. Our energy field is impacted in this space at a time when the body is trying to heal and repair. This causes an issue due to the consistent periods of time we are lying in this space. I liken it to trying to sleep over a busy motorway bridge.

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Planetary & Cosmic Radiation

A notable category is a type of EMR that is emitted from black holes, supernovae, pulsars and especially the sun. Generally, cosmic radiation may cause harmful interactions with other types of radiation.

Can we really do anything to protect ourselves from this?

It is interesting to note that in the 1960’s, NASA did a study into what would best protect the astronauts from Beta Gamma Cosmic Radiation. They calculated that if shielding was to be used, the amount of shielding required would be too heavy and bulky and spacecraft would not be able to leave the ground. In the end NASA opted for a harmonising technology called a Helmholtzer Coil to balance the energy. Interestingly this works on exactly the same principal as the Geoclense!!

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Human generated radiation

While it may have been a surprise to learn how much we are affected by earth and cosmic radiation it may be even more shocking to realise that our own bodies are capable of generating unhealthy EMF known as Bioplasmic Radiation.

Bioplasmic fields are electromagnetic fields, however, they cannot be detected with a gauss meter nor a radio frequency meter. These fields are detected with a Biotensor ( Josef Oberach), and Lecher Antenna (Ernst Lecher), which are traditional building biology detection instruments. These are recognised in the accredited disciplines of Kinesiology, and bioresonance feedback where the direct energetic impact on the body can be tested.

So, what is the cause of bioplasmic radiation?

Bioplasmic Radiation is human generated otherwise known as bio-field radiation. Our human bio-field when we’re emotionally and physically healthy, produces a negative charge. When we’re emotionally and physically unhealthy, the human bio-field produces a positive charge, which is the problem.

When someone is either emotionally and/ or physically unwell living in a house for any length of time, the diseased state of their body creates a positive charge of the bio-field which, in turn, leaves an electromagnetic imprint in that space. This imprint will cause electromagnetic stress for all occupants, and will remain there until the energetic circumstances are sufficiently changed with a neutralising negative charge i.e. the Geoclense.

Someone living in a house over a period suffering from depression will leave a Bioplasmic radiation imprint with the energy of depression, or any other negative emotional state. When emotionally sensitive people enter this space, they too will feel depressed. For someone who has a diseased organ i.e. liver, the diseased organ will leave Bioplasmic radiation of the frequency of that illness. This again means someone who enters that space who may have a sensitive liver, will find their liver will come under electromagnetic stress.

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