What the scientists say

What scientists and doctors are saying

Many people ask “What scientific research has been done on the effects of EMF from wireless technology? What is the current scientific opinion from the scientists who are studying the issue?”  

Mounting evidence continues to build throughout the integrated and medical communities regarding the harmful effects of EMF exposure. There are many peer reviewed scientific studies that can make for disconcerting reading and yet at the same time give us hope that advances are being made into understanding the effects of this modern problem.

See below information and references to some of the key scientific evidence, international organisations involved, websites and professional testimony.

Learn about the science:

The International Agency for Research on Cancer at the World Health Organization classifies EMFs as possible carcinogens

The BioInitiative Reports reference more than 3,800 peer-reviewed published studies. The authors conclude that EMFs jeopardise global health and recommend stricter biologically-based standards and lower exposure limits.

Independent scientists who have published peer-reviewed studies on EMFs signed
the International Scientists Appeal, which calls for greater public and environmental protections from EMF exposure. As at Jan 1st 2019 247 scientists from 42 nations have signed the appeal.

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) was set up over 10 years ago by Dr Devra Davis to provide cutting edge research and education about environmental health hazards. This site covers a vast array of medical and scientific research into the affects of EMF.

A range of information based in the UK around the affects in particular of the proliferation of mobile phone masts

The National Toxicology Program (conducted the worlds largest $25 million study) showed statistically significant increases in the incidence of brain and heart cancer in animals exposed to cell phone frequencies at levels below international guidelines.

What the leading experts are saying

“We are constantly being bathed in an increasing sea of radiation from exposure to the above, as well as electrical appliances, computers, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi installations and over 2,000 communications satellites in outer space that shower us with signals to GPS receivers. New WiMax transmitters on cell phone towers that have a range of up to two square miles compared to Wi-Fi’s 300 feet will soon turn the core of North America into one huge electromagnetic hot spot. Children are more severely affected because their brains are developing and their skulls are thinner.”

Paul J. Rosch, MD Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College;

“Yes, electromagnetic  radiation can harm human health, and the dangers are all around us. Read what Doctors have to say: “If Mobile Phones Were a Type of Food, They Simply Would Not be Licensed,”

Dr. Gerald Hyland The Lancet

“Radio frequency radiation and other forms of electromagnetic pollution are harmful at orders of magnitude well below existing guidelines. Science is one of the tools society uses to decide health policy. In the case of telecommunications equipment, such as cell phones, wireless networks, cell phone antennas, PDAs, and portable phones, the science is being ignored.”
Magda Havas, PhD Associate Professor, Environment & Resource Studies, Trent University, Canada.

“The evidence for risks from prolonged cell phone and cordless phone use is quite strong. For people who have used them for 10 years or longer, mainly on one side of the head, the risk of malignant brain tumor is doubled for adults and is even higher for persons with first use before age 20.”

Brain tumor specialist Dr. Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Orebro University Hospital in Sweden

“There is a strong evidence that EMFs and radio/microwave frequencies are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance.”

Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand

“The problem is, man-made electromagnetic exposures aren’t “normal.” They are artificial artifacts, with unusual intensities, signaling characteristics, pulsing patterns, and wave forms, that don’t exist in nature. And they can misdirect cells in myriad ways. Every aspect of the ecosystem may be affected, including all living species from animals, humans, plants and even microorganisms in water and soil.”

  1. Blake LevittFormerNew York Times journalist and author.

“Very recently, new research is suggesting that nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.  There is an urgent need for governments and individuals to take steps to minimize community and personal EMF exposures.”

Samuel Milham MD, MPH Medical epidemiologist in occupational epidemiology. Researcher — First scientist to report increased cancers in electrical workers and to link childhood leukemia with the spread of residential electrification.

“There is no question EMFs have a major effect on neurological functioning. They slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposures as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health.”

Eric Braverman, MD Brain researcher, Author The Edge Effect, and Director of Path Medical in New York City and The PATH Foundation.

“Federal and State public heath agencies are not officially addressing what many concerned scientists and medical doctors now see as an emerging public health problem. There are no health surveillance or remedial response systems in place to advise citizens about electromagnetic radiation  exposure (EMR). As wireless technology evolves, ambient background levels increase, creating electrical pollution conditions which are becoming ubiquitous and more invasive.”

Libby Kelley, MA Managing Secretariat International Commission For Electromagnetic Safety; Founder, Council on Wireless Technology Impacts; EMF environmental consultant,
Co-Producer of documentary, “Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution”

“We are compelled to confirm the existence of non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on living matter, which seem to occur at every level of investigation from molecular to epidemiological. Recent epidemiological evidence is stronger than before. We recognize the growing public health problem known as electro-hypersensitivity. We strongly advise limited use of cell phones, and other similar devices, by young children and teenagers, and we call upon governments to apply the Precautionary Principle as an interim measure while more biologically relevant exposure standards are developed.” (partial statement)

The Venice Resolution, initiated by the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) on June 6, 2008.