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Q – What is 5G?

See page  What you need to know about 5G

Q – How can I keep up to date with what is happening with 5G/EMR regulation etc. 

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Q – Will my technology still work as well?

Yes. Our technology does not affect, downgrade or impact the speed or efficiency of your electrical or electronic devices.

Q- Are there any harmful side effects by using any of the products?

No, quite the opposite your body is being brought into harmonic resonance and balance and will be in its most beneficial state.

Q – How do I know I am being affected by EMR?

Below are some of the documented symptoms that some people may experience.

  • Feeling lethargic or lack of drive to perform the simplest of tasks at home or work
  • Electro-Hypersensitive
  • Headaches and Fatigue
  • Having trouble concentrating, Foggy brain
  • Trouble sleeping and children suffering bad dreams
  • Feelings of discomfort or nausea in certain areas of a building
  • Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety, and anger

Q – Do the products protect me 24 hrs?

Yes. With the Geoclense plugged in your home you are protected day and night. While away from the home if you use any of the more portable products such as the pendant, Dome, aircraft harmonizer you are also covered if you are within the product range guidelines.ie Dome covers 40m.

Q – Can you use your products worldwide?

Yes – the Geoclense can be ordered with a range of 8 different plugs to cover most countries. We are happy to ship anywhere. When you travel simply use an adapter to enable you to use it wherever you go.

Q – Is there a product that I can wear all the time?

When you have a Geoclense or Dome you are constantly in a field of protection even when you sleep. We recommend having a pendant, harmony wear, aircraft harmoniser® or phone harmoniser when you are away from the home and carry it on your person at all times – in your purse or wallet, pocket, etc.

Q – Do the products ever wear out?                                                                                                                                               

The products will last forever. The Ionic technology used ensures that the charge will neither lessen or decay over time.

Q – How often do I need to replace or renew my Geoclense?

While the products do not wear out or deteriorate in their effectiveness it’s good to update the Geoclense every 3-4 years because of the on-going research and upgrades we make to the programming. We do this when we feel that we can improve the energetics, or, if there have been changes to our energetic global environment eg 5G.  Because planetary energies are always changing, it may be advisable to upgrade to a current model Geoclense to benefit from all the research we do in observing these changes, and making the suitable corrections available through the Geoclense.

Q – Will I feel a difference straight away and how will I know they are working?

Most people, within seconds of initial installation of their Geoclense, feel a change in the environment of their home and workplace and also how they feel within themselves. This is especially the case with people who may have an awareness of being, or have been diagnosed, as Electro-hypersensitive and chemically sensitive.  The more sensitive you are to feeling energies, the quicker you will notice the difference.  People often express how the the space feels” lighter” and “clearer”

Q – Is it possible for someone to check what EMR’s are affecting me in my home? 

If you email me I can arrange for you to have a remote diagnostic of your property using Google Earth, to highlight any/all areas that are affecting you.

Q – Why should I believe that these EMR’s may be compromising us?

You don’t have to believe anything. The choice is yours to find out as much information as you can on the subject and make your own mind up. Hopefully this site will help. If you have any unanswered questioned please drop me a line and I would be glad to help.

Q – Why should I choose your products?

See  Why choose our products

Q – How do I know they work?

Our products have been tested and proven over a period of 20 years by a range of methods see Product testing. These products are endorsed and supported by an international community of integrated health and energetic feedback experts. See also What the scientists say.

Q – Why are children more affected?

Children are more at risk from the radio waves emitted by mobile phones because their brains are still developing and their skulls are thinner, making it easier for the radio waves to penetrate them. Additionally, if they start using mobiles at a young age, their cumulative lifetime use will most likely be higher than adults. Children are advised only to use mobile phones in emergencies.

Q Are humans the only ones that are benefiting from the Geoclense?

No. Pets, animals, plants and other forms of life will also benefit from EMF protection.

Q – What is the difference between a harmoniser and a shielding device?

Conduct an Internet search for EMF protection and the product choices will likely overwhelm you. There are lots of devices or shields that will stay between you and your electronic devices deflecting, diverting, and blocking the radiation away from your body.

Our products are harmonisers and as such bring the bodys energy field into harmonic balance rather then simply blocking. Products that block and shield do not deal with the harmful charge of the field. It’s a bit like the water building up in a levy or a dam. If it has no way to be released it will eventually break the defences and no longer serve its purpose. A harmoniser does not accumulate or absorb energy, it transmutes it just as we do with every breath we take.

Q – Do these products have anything in common with the technology that NASA used for the space program?

YES – It is interesting to note that in the 1960’s, NASA did a study into what would best protect the astronauts from the fatal Beta Gamma Cosmic Radiation. They calculated that if shielding was to be used, the amount of shielding required would be too heavy and bulky and the spacecraft would not be able to leave the ground. In the end NASA opted for a harmonising technology called a Helmholtzer Coil to balance the energy. Interestingly this works on exactly the same principal as the Geoclense!!

Q – How do the products work?

Our products are based on principles of harmonic resonance and subtle energy and do not block EMFs but rather transform the fields. OEA devices are not designed to block EMF fields but rather to generate a harmonic resonance to interact with fields and transform them at a subtle energy level. Our products are tested through measuring the positive effect on the body.

Q – Choice report – very unfair?

In Australia, there is a consumer magazine called Choice which wrote a rather damning report on the Geoclense in 2017. They tested it using a gauss meter which as discussed earlier would show no change at all when it comes to showing the reduction in wave signal strength. OEA wrote to explain how their products work and offered to show them the correct way to test these products not to mention the 1000’s of testimonials that they have received over the years. Choice Magazine were not forth coming and due to the size of their organisation it means that Google optimises this review very highly on the internet and it can adversely impact peoples perception of our products. OEA is a small company and it would cost many thousands to sue such a large organisation and so the owner of OEA has taken the decision by which he hopes that consumers will do their homework and look at what really is going on here.

Q – Where are Orgone Effects products made?

All products are made in Australia and distributed through Plug in2 Nature in the UK and Europe.

Q –  Can the products be used together?

When the Geoclense is plugged into your home or office you do not need anything else. For continued protection when you are out and about the phone harmonizer/pendant/ dome/ aircraft harmonzer will all protect you. If you have these around any other product it will not affect or increase your protection as it only takes one of these products to harmonise your field. Its more a question of how far you need the protect to go and the convenience of the product you chose. What is great is you don’t need multiple different products in your home to do the job.

Q – Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied return it undamaged within 14 days with the original packaging for a full refund less any shipping charges.

Q – What can we all do to help protect ourselves?

Using the OEA range of products for your home and when on the move will give you the peace of mind that you are protecting your energy field and those of you around you. By sharing what you know with friends and family and reading the research pages and any areas of interest, you are making sure that you have an awareness of what the potential dangers are. If you need any further information we would be more then happy to help.