Product testing

How do we test our products and how can we prove that they protect us?

Most people, when they think of measuring the effects of anything to do with EMF, reach straight for a Gauss meter or Radio Frequency (RF) meter. However, you cannot get a change in the reading using an EMF meter when assessing the effects of any type of EMF harmonizer, including the Geoclense®. EMF meters read the wave strength and location of the radiation field, however, they do not accurately indicate the actual charge of the field– the harmful part. EMF meters are used to test the reduction in wave strength, which is what EMF shielding does show.

This instantly leads one to think that the harmonizer is not actually doing anything, however, this is most definitely not the case. It’s a bit like going for an X-ray to find out if you have a blood infection.

How has the Geoclense been tested and who has tested it?

All testing to evaluate the performance of OEA products is carried out with the use of Kinesiology and proven scientific methods using medical diagnostic equipment such as Biofeedback, Bio-resonance technology including MORA and GDV and Kirlian photography. Similarly, traditional building biology medical instruments such as Dr Joseph Obermans Biotensor and the Lecher Antenna all very easily measure the effect of EMR on the human body against a known radiation field.

According to the science of Harmonising EMR fields, if a radiation harmoniser/neutralising device doesn’t pass Kinesiology and/or Bio-resonance testing( using Bicom or Mora), which is always tested with a real person against a known radiation field (e.g. mobile phone or smart meter), then the product being tested simply doesn’t work.

By conducting an ‘audit’ of the bodies energetic state before and after using a harmonizer the affects can be very clearly proven, showing that the Geoclense does prevent EMF stress in the body. (See images below.)Some practitioners believe that after using a Geoclense for more than a month, the EMR imprinting in the body completely disappears. It is a known fact that most Bio-resonance practitioners will start a treatment by checking and clearing EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting in the body, and do observe that there is generally no EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting with their clients who have been using a Geoclense in their home and workplace.

The full range of harmonising productshave been field tested and proven as non-placebo, and are recommended and distributed worldwide by Accredited health professionals such as Integrated Medical Practitioners, Bio-resonance Practitioners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Kinesiologists.

 These testing methods consistently, and across a wide range of experienced practitioners worldwide, show the 100% effectiveness of the Geoclense in its ability to neutralise radiation and prevent resonant stress on organs and meridians caused by the presence of harmful radiation.

Testing with an Independent GDV Kirlian Photography Test: –

Image on left is without harmonywear Pendant and right with Harmonywear Pendant
GDV Kirlian Photography of the human energy
field without a Geoclense (left), and with the
Geoclense (right).

         Kirlian Images of Tap water







Phone Radiation Harmonizer not in use.

Aura photography showing the debilitating effect of a mobile phone on our energy fields when in use.

Aura photography

Aura photography showing the effect of the Radiation Harmonizer maintaining the human energy field balance.


Mobile Phone Chart

Sample test using Meridian Acupressure points to demonstrate that using the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer may help to reduce radiation-induced resonant stress.

Comparative Testing: –

The range and impact of OEA products can all be validated with the equipment mentioned above. Many devices on the market today do not cover the range of our products and most importantly do not provide a life long protection. Like the evolution of all technology we are not invalidating these products simply showing that through OEAs continued and thorough research they have worked towards optimising the full potential of the Ionic infusing technology to exceed and maximise previous levels of protection and to fully harmonise our human bio-field. The company continues to innovate and update the products as new energetic components/ energy signatures present themselves.

 What’s the difference between the Geoclense and other products on the market i.e: Scalar devices and Orgonite?

Scalar Electronic Harmonisers:-

Scalar electronic harmonisers appear to be only effective against electrical EMF and not against Digital TV’s, Wi/Fi, and Bioplasmic and Earth Radiation which are the bigger EMF dangers in our homes and workplace. Our testing methods carried out by Accredited Health Practitioners worldwide have validated this.

Orgonite Products: –

Orgonium, manufactured by Orgone Effects Australia, is not orgonite, as it does not contain dirty ingredients such as metals and toxic resins.  Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin.  Orgonite is bipolar in its frequencies and generally looks pretty, however when tested with traditional building biology tools such as the Biosensor, Lecher Antenna, Kinesiology protocols and Bioresonance etc., they shown no EMF neutralising effects, and if anything, may show less advantageous effects on the human body.

Earthing/Grounding Products: –

Having a Geoclense installed enables earthing or grounding products to be safe to use. The Geoclense ensures that the correct frequency is taken into the earthing/grounding products so you won’t be exposed to unhealthy frequencies which could cause unwanted stress on your organs. This is especially significant if you are using a grounding sheet to sleep on.

Field testing results of the Geoclense as a “plug-in power point home harmonizer” device, tested against other plug-in type harmonizers, showed the following: –

Competitor harmonizers state in their information brochures that their product would have a balancing effect throughout the whole property and which effectively should neutralize all forms of positive charge resonance to a negative charge resonance.  However, when tested, it was found that the devices exhibited the following performance characteristics:-

  • Did not create a balancing energy beyond 6 meters at best, the worst was only 1 meter.
  • Failed to harmonise all forms of positive charge resonance.
  • Had no effect on any form of imprinted noxious Bioplasmic Radiation energy fields such as emotional imprints, death imprints, counter-conscious imprinting radiation fields or inter-dimensional imprinting.
  • No neutralising effect across all forms of Earth Radiation.
  • No effect on neutralising mould or fungus.
  • Did neutralise EMF, however, failed to remove the imprinted fields around the affected appliances or power points.
  • Did not comply with UK & Australian standards for electrical safety. Did not have electrical insulation around the base of the electrical pins (including some earthing products currently on the market.)

Like all things on this site, do your homework and make up your own mind.

The creator of these products welcomes anyone contacting him so he can explain more about his processes, on going research and what the products can do. See also What the experts say.