Which product and why

The complete range of products have been designed to harmonise your life and protect your energy field in a variety of environments. All of the products protect you from up to 30 different EMR types, are 5G ready and so are harmonising your energy field. They vary essentially in the range they cover, how portable they are and in the case of the Car & Aircraft Harmoniser have specific frequencies programmed unique to those environments. To see the range of EMR that is covered see What do they protect us from and why?

The Geoclense is the big daddy of the range and harmonises your home up to and including the surrounding boundaries of your property from all EMF, Geopathic stress and bioplasmic radiation. You plug it in but it does not use any electricity. It simply piggybacks on the energy circuits. Unlike other products on the market it does not degenerate or lessen its protection over time. It also far exceeds the level of coverage of its nearest competitor by over 50%. This product can also be used when you travel and in your workplace but it is suggested that it is kept in the same place hence multiple purchases are recommended.

Stellar Dome  – The Stellar Dome™ is an upgrade to the standard Space Clearing Dome with modifications made to the energetic engineering which has increased its harmonizing field of effect to the boundaries of a property, with enhanced radiance…making it more portable.

What is the difference between the Space Clearing Dome and the Geoclense®?

The Stellar Dome™ is a standalone product which radiates a harmonized field like a healthy Earth Ley Line, whereas the Geoclense® harmonizes by domination of the electrical system with a negative charge.  So, a home with a Stellar Dome ™and a Geoclense® is a great combination and ideal.

Wifi and phone harmoniser neutralises EMR from your mobile phones, laptops and all portable devices and creates a healthy field of up to 10m around your body.

Watch harmoniser – energy balancing tool for use on the back of wrist watches, smart watches, wireless trackers, fitbits and wrist worn GPS units. Creates a field of 10m around your body. Very important when we sleep.

School & Work Uniform cloth patch – A Cloth Harmonizer Patch that energizes the garment with a healthy negative charge to neutralize the EMR fields around the wearer.The perfect solution for situations where wearing a pendant or jewelry for EMR protection may not be practical, safe or allowed such as in schools, an industrial work place or sporting activity.

Protection pendants – Wear like jewellery and keep yourself protected wherever you are. 10m range. Range of colours including a shell option.

Car harmoniser – great for anyone who does a lot of driving either in a car or heavygoods vehical. Neutralises EMR from the engine, electrical system, fuel tank and exhaust pipe. Increases your oxygen levels and hence reduces fatigue.

Stellar Aircraft cabin harmoniser – when travelling on a plane or train harmonises the noxious energies – also use in your handbag/brief case for general protection and use when out and about – Range covers the whole aircraft or at least 30 metres when mobile.

Water & food rejuvenation plates – use to infuse negative charge resonance into water and food to improve taste and hydration qualities, extend the life of flowers, charge crystals, medication.

Ionic Wand – use for personal protect and to clear energetic imbalances in the aura and chakras.

Ener-Bear – personal EMF protection for babies and young children and anyone who is a child at heart. Range of at least 10 metres.